What I Do

Professional Musician

I play keyboards.

Touring internationally with Donna The Buffalo since 2008. I’ve also performed with Anders Osborne, Buddy Guy, CJ Chenier, Peter Rowan, Verlon Thompson and other folks. I still love to do it.


Information Technology

In Greensboro NC, I was Director of Information Systems for Industrial Truck for 7 years, held web development positions with Reed Business Information, Batanga Media and ListingBook and was a CNC programmer & systems support specialist for CMI Performance.

I still do web development am continuing to train.


Vintage Keyboard Service

I work on Hammond organs, Leslie speakers, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos and Honer Clavinets and the like around the Southeast U.S..



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All touring events have been canceled beginning March 7, 2020 due to Corona virus.  Includes our festivals: Grassroots, both annual Shakori Hills, Blue Heron as well as 10-15 gigs per month.

Upcoming Events

  • No events scheduled yet. Stay tuned!

Web Development Portfolio

LoHi Records

Custom WordPress themed site for independent record label.

Integrated audio player

Online store built with WooCommerce featuring digital downloads, product preordering, product bundling, free attachments available with order (ex. advance tracks when album preordered), Amazon S3 integration for large download archives

Sucuri web application firewall & CDN


Donna The Buffalo

Custom WordPress themed site for band.

Speed up page loads with GZip & Brotli compression, Minify: HTML, Javascript, CSS & Caching


Integrated custom audio player

Facebook integration

Live concert streaming capabilities through DaCast

Online store on WooCommerce, Force HTTPS SSL/TLS

BandsInTown integration for tour dates

Constant Contact mailing list form

Bearland Recording

Crickers Web Design Bearland Studio

WordPress site for recording studio.


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