Hohner Clavinet E7

Updating you on your Clavinet.   Short summary is – got good bit of work done, more tweaking to do to finish that, plus found something else that I think should be done.  On it.  I won’t charge you much.  It took a while to get moving on it and I want it to play as nice as the shape it’s in.  It’s in great condition.  Rare.  Want to get it  right.

Got the keys all back on.   New key bushings underneath the keys & new key springs.   There are still a few keys that have a bit more resistance than I want when depressed.  Figuring out what makes some keys feel stiffer.  Suspect the new bushings – I’ll remove the key(s), nudge/turn the rubber bushing a bit to ensure it’s centered, perhaps reapply thin silicone lube to bushing (helps keys to travel smooth over it).  That’s what Im doing now.

Here’s picture of the bushings

Years and years ago (like 20!) I put replacement hammer tips in this Clavinet. The old ones were gooey sticky orange mess I recall. They only way to do that back then was to buy a particular Ford truck circular transmission gasket and cut it to lengths & then insert the rubber in the holes where the old tips came out.  That was the only option back then and it was pretty brilliant.  Since then replacement tips are available by Vintage Vibe & Clavinet.com and they’re better.  With the gasket that I used – I had to cut a round piece of rubber and it was difficult to get the cut flat.  On top of that, after shoving it into the hole of each key, the tip of the hammer some times was angled. 

Check this picture:

That makes some hammers contact the string off center and some sound bad, there’s 1 that strikes the wrong string altogether, and some don’t ring true, they just sorta fart a bit.  That sort of tweaking is common, getting the hammer tip to hit just the right spot.  The metal hammers can get bent a bit or the string is off center.  These gasket cut tips make that all a little worse.  Good as I could do way back when but new tips are $30 for a whole set & I think it needs em.

Here’s where hammer strikes the string (hopefully square on that little raised anvil):

Also needs a few new strings but my Dad happens to be working at Music Barn Saturdays (retirement was boring I guess) and I picked up a bunch of correct sized loop-end strings the other day no charge.  I’ll keep on it and stay in touch.


The parts that I got for it are::

Key springs kit  $46.50

Key Bushings  $39.00

Hammer Tips  $33.00

I won’t sweat labor charge much at all.


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