DMc Demos

Here’s a couple of tunes. I tracked guitar parts and programmed other parts on them just to build up a framework.  Mark & Kyle (who I used to play with in DTB) are working on adding drums and bass parts.  Check them out and see if you would want to sing on any of them.  […]

LoHi Records eCommerce checkout issue

[vc_row iron_row_type=”in_container” iron_remove_padding_medium=”” iron_remove_padding_small=”” iron_overlay_pattern=”” iron_parallax=”” iron_bg_video=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]I was first alerted to the issue viewing the Facebook page of Chad Staehly, an exec of the record company LoHi Records. 2 customers who separately preordered the product and seemingly don’t know each other, recognized each other by this issue of a previous customer’s info populating the address […]