David McCracken Demos

Let's make some music

New Song 1-6

The foundation of the song is a simple lick on baritone electric guitar.

I created a percussion track in GarageBand starting with the sorta lame “coffee shop” live drummer feature to give a sense of the feel but I’d like to build something more organic. I’m open to any ideas.

There are a few different versions of the demo to listen to and/or download & import into your DAW.

  1. Version of the the demo including the percussion track.  This version also has a Rhodes piano fishing around for vocal melodies.

  2. Version without the percussion track.

  3. Version without percussion track but including a click track. If the recorded click is too loud or annoying, use the version above, the songs are 98 bpm.

(Download icon in SoundCloud player)

Will Not Be Forgotten

I had a tiny one-phrase lyrical idea for the chorus of this tune (where my working title came from) but I realize clearly that lyrics and vocal melodies aren’t my bag.  I’ve tried with this tune for several years.  Got some vocal melody ideas but I don’t know if they’re any good.  I get sick of them so they’re probably not very good. They just persist in my head….

I developed the initial little guitar lick into several parts & took it about as far as I can.  Collaborating over the covid break I sent this tune around and got Mark Raudabaugh (Sierra Hull) to record drums and Kevin Scott on bass (Gov’t Mule). 

I’m playing an acoustic guitar plugged into my computer with an amp simulator.  Pretty weird & funky sounding. 

Feels kind of done except for vocals (the most important part) and the keyboards “solo” part….

Download WAV file to import into your DAW (icon on SoundCloud player). I believe the song was recorded @ 108bpm.

No Gravity

This is a very much unfinished demo. Around 2004 I was trying to get some traction with finger picking acoustic guitar and just worked on this concept of octave picking and the beginnings of a melody came to me.

Around that time I began to go through a really tough divorce and one verse of lyrics came to my mind. It’s not included in the demo b/c I hate hearing my voice but I did include a phone voice memo recording of it as the 2nd tune. See what you think and take it from wherever.

In addition to the acoustic guitar part, I had an idea for an oddly paired analog synth riffing on the melody. To be blunt, I think my idea this came straight from Tyler Ramsey’s “I Had A Long Dream“.  Honestly my whole concept here is probably lifted from Tyler’s song.  Fuck it.

This demo is really rough and doesn’t accurately convey what Im shooting for in a finished way but I don’t wanna wait for all that effort before beginning to collaborate on it, so here is the weird baby as it is. 132bpm


When Ruby was very young I would try and play acoustic guitar for her and she’d gaze into me and often it would make her have a seizure. Too much input. That hurt me so much because while I do have a lot to offer, music is clearly what I’ve focused most of my life into. This was the only song I could play that wasn’t too jumpy & bumpy for her & didn’t cause duress so I called it Ruby. I had Mark Raudabaugh record drums for the song but haven’t really found the drum sound I like. This demo just features the kick drum.

I did write just a few words that I might like. They reflect some things about Ruby that I’d have to explain, so I’ll share in person and see if those words or the melody sticks. I find it super hard to encapsulate the whole feeling of having such a beautiful child who who I watch suffer into concise lyrics. Its hard for me to step back and wrap up the feelings in an analogy or otherwise not make it sound like Im just crying onto the paper. I would really like some help focusing my intent into words that convey it well. Jason Blalock is one the best I’ve known at this rare skill (along with DTB’s Jeb Puryear). I’d be extremely honored to benefit from such help. Here’s the general tune….. Believe it’s recorded @ 97bpm

more to come soon