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Wurlitzer 206A

S/N 127281L
Steve Graham

Estimated 1980
Model 206A pianos were made from 1974-1983 with the last serial number being 133144L. On back of action rail is stamped 80414047 (code interpreted as YYMMDDXXX).  Suggests April 14 1980. Serial number ending in L indicates built at Logan Utah plant.


Regulate Keyboard

Inspect Amp

Add Vibrato

Add Aux Out

Consider removing wiring from large multi-pin jacks on rear (removes shock hazard), potentially install IEC AC jack like a 200/200A

Consider adding 4×8 speakers in piano lid

Service Log

Regulate Keyboard


Disassemble piano, remove action rail

Inspect capstans

Check for easing

Remove each whip assembly one at a time and lubricate all 3 action centers (wood/felt/pin) with 8 parts naptha/1 part silicone. Reassemble.

1 broken whip – install new one (lowest note)

Remove hammers one at a time and lubricate action centers, reassemble.

Lube key posts with Vintage Vibe key post lube, reinstall keys, clean

Set lost motion with capstan screws (ensures the jack accurately returns in the hammer butt on slow return of a depressed key)

Install harp. Check that hammers hit center of reeds while avoiding braces. Install damper rails. Re-assemble piano

Check key height

Adjust damper screws so all reeds are equally dampened

Set let off with regulating screws (evens out loud/soft notes and even feel).

Image credits Crickers