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The mobile app from WooCommerce might simplify the process of fulfilling orders.  

There’s some cool features and made these mockups to better illustrate what it does.


When new orders are placed, notifications are immediately sent to your phone or tablet.  

WhaT the app looks like?

You should be able to scroll up & down within each of the mockups below and see how each section will actually appear on your device. 

My Store


order Details

Sales Analytics

Printing shipping labels

The entire order fulfillment process can be completed from the app.  No more logging into the LoHi Records website on your computer.  

You can purchase postage and print the shipping labels right from your device.  To include this functionality, I’d need to switch from to WooCommerce’s shipping extension.  We already use it to calculate taxes.  

An added benefit of doing that is package tracking numbers could then be included in the automated emails sent to customers.  

I set the app up on my iPad in just a few minutes.  I also set it up for Donna The Buffalo’s merch fella.  The ability to print shipping labels from your phone and to send customers the packages tracking numbers could be added within a few days.

Let me know if I can be any help,

David McCracken

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