Wurlitzer 200A road case

In 2016 I designed and made a heavy duty road case for my Wurlitzer 200A electric piano using basic hand tools and parts from a local hardware store and online parts supplier DIY Road Cases.

Designed specifically to fit under some tricky tolerances of a particular bay under Donna The Buffalo’s tour bus, it also acted as a dolly to roll our Hammond organ chop.

It took some creative design to place the 8 large handles, lid hinge, two heavy duty lid stays and latches in the bottom portion. Also features a recessed storage area underneath the piano for the 4 legs.

I used a hack saw, mitre box and manual riveter which was a pretty big pain in the hand.

After a year or so of touring with the piano, I eventually drove the Wurlitzer and case to The Kennedy Center in Washington DC and sold it to Jauvon Gilliam (the principal timpanist in the National Symphony Orchestra).


Additional Road Cases

Some months later I also made cases for Tara Nevin’s fiddle speaker cabinet and pedalboard.

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    1. I could. Took a week or so to me this one. Don’t remember the cost of materials off top of my head but I could look into it and give an estimate. Where are you located?

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