Wurlitzer 200A Road Case

I designed & made a heavy duty road case for my Wurlitzer 200A electric piano

Designed specifically to fit under some tricky tolerances of a particular bay of our tour bus 

Tricky to design placement for 8 large handles and the heavy duty hinges

I only had a manual riveter so it ended being a pain in the palm of my hand.

The piano’s 4 legs fit in a recessed compartment underneath the electric piano.

I drove the Wurlitzer & case from NC to The Kennedy Center in DC and sold it to Jauvon Gilliam (the principal timpanist of the National Symphony Orchestra).

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    1. I could. Took a week or so to me this one. Don’t remember the cost of materials off top of my head but I could look into it and give an estimate. Where are you located?

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