Wurlitzer 206A

Wurlitzer 206A

S/N 127281L
Steve Graham
Estimated 1980
Model 206A pianos were made from 1974-1983 with the last serial number being 133144L. On back of action rail is stamped 80414047 (code interpreted as YYMMDDXXX). Suggests April 14 1980. Serial number ending in L indicates built at Logan Utah plant.

Resources for Steve Graham

Service Manual
Zip File With All Images


  • Regulate Keyboard
  • Inspect Amp
  • Add Vibrato
  • Add Aux Out
  • Consider removing wiring from large multi-pin jacks on rear (removes shock hazard), potentially install IEC AC jack like a 200/200A
  • Consider adding 4×8 speakers in piano lid

Service Log

Regulate Keyboard

  • Disassemble piano, remove action rail
  • Inspect capstans
  • Check for easing
  • Remove each whip assembly one at a time and lubricate all 3 action centers (wood/felt/pin) with 8 parts naptha/1 part silicone. Reassemble.
  • 1 broken whip – install new one (lowest note)
  • Remove hammers one at a time and lubricate action centers, reassemble.
  • Lube key posts with Vintage Vibe key post lube, reinstall keys, clean
  • Set lost motion with capstan screws (ensures the jack accurately returns in the hammer butt on slow return of a depressed key)
  • Install harp. Check that hammers hit the center of reeds while avoiding braces. Install damper rails. Re-assemble piano
  • Check key height
  • Adjust damper screws so all reeds are equally dampened
  • Set let off with regulating screws (evens out loud/soft notes and even feel).
  • Solder in components into amp board, 1/4″ aux jack and potentiometer to give the piano vibrato circuitry.

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